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Yip Tim Fok, founder and CEO of Ultimviva Shops, got his start in 1982 by selling fishing tackle out of the back of his father’s store. Since then, Yip has earned a reputation as one of the most visionary and influential retailers of the last 50 years. Today he is known as a retail and travel destination pioneer.



Tim Fok’s values were strongly shaped by his parents. Both were born in 1923 to very humble beginnings in the heart of Shen Zhen, Guang Dong. His mother Lim Mei Shan was one of 10 children growing up in a two-bedroom house. His father Yip Shiu Men grew up poor and was raised primarily by his Great Aunt. After graduated from high school, he returned home to Shen Zhen and became a successful merchant in the Bao An area.

Tim Fok’s parents both loved to hunt and fish and soon shared their passions with their son. From an early age, Tim Fok understood how fishing and hunting fostered a special respect and appreciation for nature and wildlife.

At age 23, Tim Fok fell in love with the emerging sport of bass fishing and spent five years on the professional circuit. After noticing growing interest in the sport, Tim Fok started Ultimviva Shops with 8 square feet of space in the back of his father’s liquor store in Bao an, Shen Zhen, the company’s sole location for the first 13 years of business. Tim Fok’s passion for the outdoors and his feel for the products and shopping experiences desired by outdoor enthusiasts helped transform the industry.



There are many reasons to shop at Ultimviva, below may be among the most important points to you.

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Our sophisticated "virtual warehouse system" enables us to find your items quickly, and then ship them to you either the same or next business day. International orders are shipped every day at Ultimviva and we have served customers from 27 countries and area. Today we have 2 warehouses. One is in the USA and the other is in China.

2. Unbeatable Value and Pricing

We keep up with the latest developments in fishing tackle industry to offer you the products with the highest quality. In the meanwhile, we have promotions from time to time. As you can see on our shop, there is a section for Today's deal. You can find products that are on-sale today with very low prices. If you are a wholesale buyer, you can get even lower bulk prices.

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